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Equi-Stim™ Supplements & Weatherguard™ Complete Horse Minerals

Gaps exist in the knowledge of horse nutrition, especially in terms of the requirements of the high performance equine. These horses are not readily available for research studies although they comprise of the most stressed group of equine athletes.

PMT Equi-Stim™ Performance Horse
supplement is formulated to provide the nutrients known to enhance high performance and endurance. A special compliment of vitamins, including vitamin C and choline chloride, to promote efficient energy metabolism and aid in the formation and maintenance of bones. The chelated forms of iron zinc manganese and copper are included to enhance the intestinal availability of these minerals. These minerals are required for the efficient metabolism of energy and protein. Others have been associated with increased immuno-competence and ability to withstand stress.

PMT Weatherguard™ Complete Horse Minerals
completes your horse vitamin and mineral requirements. These complete horse minerals are protected against rain or sleet. They can also be fed free choice or added in the grain.