PMT Inc.

Essential Essence™ Flavours and Sweeteners have been developed specifically for the purpose of meeting the feed industry's challenges in today's marketplace.

The Essentials product line is comprised of a complete flavour Essence™ range: Liquid Sprayable Essence™ and Dry Essence™.

Essences™ are designed to impart both aroma and taste to feed stuffs, therefore maintaining a consistency in feed regardless of formulation change or ingredient challenges.

Essentials Essences can also create a "signature" aroma for the feed mill, making your feed known for it's quality and flavour.

Through the work of our Senior Favourist Essential Essence have been meticulously created to impart aroma and taste while balancing the initial impact requirements with an even and extended aromatic odour release, stable through heat treatment and time.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to advise on animal feed flavour needs and provide samples, since being of assistance to you is our highest priority. We expect that you will be completely satisfied with our Essential Essence™.

Flavour Essence - where both Art and Science are Essential.