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This combination of proven mould inhibiting ingredients has been specifically formulated to provide an efficacious product capable of protecting a wide variety of feeds.

Essential Mold-Control™, Liquid and Dry

The presence of mould in feed and feed ingredients is a major concern to feed manufacturers and producers. A wide variety of moulds are capable of producing metabolites called mycotoxins which can have disastrous consequences in birds and animals consuming them. Reduction in productivity and reproduction, illness and death can result if domestic birds and animals consume feed contaminated with mycotoxins.

Feed moisture content, ambient temperature, relative humidity, storage time, exposure to mould contamination, feed substrate and mould type influence the incidence of mould growth and mycotoxin production.

The routine inclusion of an effective mould inhibitor in the animal feed is a cost effective and convenient method of ensuring that mould growth is controlled and the risk of mycotoxins is reduced.

Essential Mold-Control™ is a unique blend of buffered mould inhibiting ingredients designed to provide stable broad protection against mould challenges.