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Water Soluble Vitamins

Vita-Burst™ Plus - For poultry, swine, calves, cattle and horses. In today's livestock production, stress is very common. Strategies to reduce stress include proper management and balanced nutrition. Available evidence indicates that supplementation of drinking water with soluble vitamins significantly improves performance and immune function of animals experiencing stress.

Why are livestock susceptible to stress
1. Poultry have relatively high vitamin requirements.
The intensive production systems place many stressors on the birds, increasing their vitamin requirements.
2. Livestock production under stress results in decreased feed intake, the inability to thrive and consequently reduced animal performance and productivity.

Why Use Vita-Burst™ Plus?
1. Vita-Burst™ Plus is highly fortified with vitamins A, D, E and the B vitamins. These vitamins have been associated with improved immunity and performance during periods of stress.
2. Water supplementation of the vitamin B complex is beneficial during any type of stress, e.g., vaccinations, transportation, heat stress, poor ventilation and dust.

- Vita-Burst™ Plus is a rich source of vitamins and dietary buffers useful for robust productivity and a healthy electrolyte balance. It contains citric acid to prevent scale and sludge build-up.
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