Essentials Inc.

Milk Supplement

Calf supplement for herd replacement calves fed whole milk.


Research proven to help improve calf
performance in 4 ways:

• reduces scours •
• improved ADG •
• improves frame growth •
• improved feed efficiency •

Are your calves Thriving or just surviving?

Breeder, Aaron Smith of Legend-Maker Holsteins, includes Thrive! in his calf program. Here’s what Aaron says about Thrive! ……….

” Very impressed with the heartiness of the calves, tremendous gains in both height at withers and overall weight gain. Overall immune performance has improved and scours both in frequency and severity have dramatically declined. Every day of loss of growth due to sickness or scours has a cumulative effect on getting the calves transitioned into profitable milking animals and Thrive! is positioning itself to have a positive effect on our bottom line. The only thing more exciting than seeing these calves take-off on Thrive! is the potential they have to make a major impact in the future of our program.”

Thrive! Milk Supplement
Trial Results:

Add 25 grams of Thrive! per calf per day to
whole milk to achieve the benefits of

Packaged in 10 kg pails and 20 kg bags.
Now available from your local feed dealer.

Complete the program with calf
starter and grower feeds containing
Essential Lipids for Life, ask your feed
supplier for details.