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Choose a free choice mineral for all the right reasons

Infertility, abortion, retained placenta, retarded growth, poor productivity, bone deformities, pica (depraved appetite), reduced feed intake, scouring, hypomagnesemia (grass tetany), anemia, muscular in coordination and weak hooves (susceptible to footrot) are problems associated with macromineral, trace mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Thus, animals remain stressed and fail to realize their genetic potential. The convenient way to overcome or prevent deficiency problems is by offering a free choice mineral product that allows an animal to consume small quantities yet meet optimum nutritional requirements. The benefits of free choice mineral supplementation, usually (50-100 grams/head/day), overwhelmingly outweigh the cost.

Why WEATHERGUARD™ products are the minerals of choice!

WEATHERGUARD™ products are "weather proofed" to shed water, from rain, sleet and snow, such that the product stays lump-free and palatable under adverse weather conditions.

WEATHERGUARD™ products are designed with or without salt (sodium) to accommodate herds consuming water high in sodium or forages grown on alkaline/saline soils.

Range WEATHERGUARD™ minerals contain selenium to accommodate those herds consuming forages low in selenium.

All WEATHERGUARD™ products contain a yeast culture, which maintains "free-choice" mineral consumption and improves the utilization of potassium, zinc and copper.

All WEATHERGUARD™ products contain a unique combination of flavour and aroma enhancers, which enhances consumption.