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PMT Wet Nurse calf
PMT's Wet Nurse™ milk replacers are crafted to insure young animals get a good start in life. Every Wet Nurse™ milk replacer is a blend of premium ingredients formulated under strict quality control to provide the optimal balance of proteins and amino acids, complex carbohydrates micronized fats, vitamins and minerals.

Young animals fed Wet Nurse™ milk replacers achieve maximum weight gain and avoid any nutrition related problems. This means healthier animals, less mortality and more profit to the producer.

Factors contributing to Wet Nurse™ milk replacers unique, special and superior position in the market place include:

Quality Ingredients
All ingredients used by PMT are scrutinized via a series of quality control checks including laboratory analysis, physical evaluation and dispersion/solubility tests. A source of quality casein, a highly digestible protein which aids in abomasal clot formation to enhance protein utilization in young animals, is included in Wet Nurse™ milk replacers.

Micronized Fats
Fats in a micronized form are highly digestible and allow the young animal to assimilate the energy quickly.

Palatable Flavour
Particular attention is paid to the flavour and aroma of Wet Nurse™ milk replacers. A unique combination of flavour agents in Wet Nurse™ milk replacers mimics the taste and aroma of dam’s milk. Young animals readily consume it without coaxing. This results in proper calf nutrition, no waste and maximum profit for the producer.

Optimum Freshness
PMT's stringent quality assurance program and the use of antioxidants mean that every customer purchasing Wet Nurse™ milk replacer can be assured of optimum freshness batch after batch.

High Solubility
Premium emulsifying agents, water soluble vitamins and minerals, and spray-dried ingredients ensure that Wet Nurse™ milk replacers dissolve easily and thoroughly.

Wet Nurse™ milk replacers are designed and developed by skilled professional nutritionists incorporating the latest developments in the fields of nutrition, processing and management.

Wet Nurse™ milk replacers are cost-effective for the producer where "value" and not "price" is the important factor.